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United Swiss Societeis of Northern California
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  • Visit to Old Order Mennonite community in Canada
  • Swiss help to illuminate the Middle Ages
    Researchers at the University of Fribourg hope to reveal more about the Middle Ages by piecing together fragments of manuscripts.  (RTS/swissinfo.ch) In medieval times, the vellum of discarded manuscripts was not thrown away, but reused as bookbinding material to strengthen or decorate new volumes. Thus, over time, hundreds of thousands of manuscript fragments became scattered all over the world. Twelve different research teams in leading manuscript libraries across Europe and the US are now working together on significant fragments for a research platform called Fragmentarium. Using this platform, reproductions of medieval fragments can be uploaded from different servers, catalogued, scientifically described, transcribed, and collated online. By properly identifying and studying these fragments, historians hope to create a more accurate picture of the Middle Ages. The University of Fribourg is leading the project, because it has dominated the field of digital manuscript ...
  • The legal difficulties of online expression in Switzerland
    Drawing the line between freedom of expression and discrimination was difficult enough in the pre-Internet era. Social media and instant communication have made it a nuanced minefield, as a case in Switzerland shows. Last week in the western Swiss town of Delémont, an altercation between two boys outside the train station was filmed, then posted online. It showed one approaching the other, throwing him to the ground, before both went their separate ways. Some 50,000 views and 20,000 shares later, the video was taken down by the mother of the assaulted teenager on the advice of local police. The reason? Many of the (hundreds of) comments below the video focused on ethnicity: the aggressor was black, the victim was white, and the discussion veered into a spiralling storm of abuse, much of it anti-immigrant. Before the boy’s attacker had even been found, the regional prosecutor’s office had warned that any further comments inciting hatred or retribution would be pursued and ...
  • Music lovers shun orchestra’s new digs
    The home of the world-class Tonhalle orchestra in Zurich is being renovated, so the musicians have been forced into exile, making some classical music lovers see red. (SRF/swissinfo.ch) In May 2016, voters in the city of Zurich agreed to the renovation of the Tonhalle and Congress House, building works that will cost taxpayers CHF240 million ($251 million). Both buildings have suffered from a lack of investment over the past decades, with critics saying improvements were needed to the air conditioning, heating and lighting systems. They also said the seats were too hard and that there were not enough dressing rooms for soloists. The exiled orchestra can be seen in action for the next three years at the Maag Hall, part of an industrial complex in Zurich West comprising various storeys with offices and factory buildings. CHF10 million has been invested in the acoustics, but there are 300 fewer seats than in the Tonhalle, and one in five orchestra subscriptions has been cancelled.
  • Swiss students win top prize at US Solar Decathlon contest
    A team of students from four Swiss universities has taken the top prize at the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon event, held this week in Denver, Colorado. The Swiss team, made up of students from the Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne, the School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg, the Geneva University of Art and Design, and the University of Fribourg, took first place overall with their innovative, solar-powered modular “community centre” building – the so-called “NeighborHub”. Its walls are covered with custom-built solar panels, with specially designed "power optimisers" to monitor and adjust its usage. On the roof, the solar panels are replaced by green vegetation, to boost biodiversity. After more than a week of showcasing the project both to public and judges in Denver – explaining its potential as a future model for renewable design – the concluding prize was awarded on Saturday night. And as well as the top overall distinction, which comes with ...
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The United Swiss Societies of Northern California (USSNC), founded in 1912, merged with the Swiss House Association of California, which had incorporated on July 21, 1930, the merger created the new name, United Swiss House of Northern California, Inc., which on February 11, 1983 incorporated to its current name. United Swiss Societies of Northern California, Inc., organized as a California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation, 501(c)(4), tax ID 23-7126939